Client Services

  • Asset Management

    • Monthly management of residential apartment homes, HOA's, retail space, offices
    • Financial services with invoice payment, monthly reporting , rent posting
    • Debt collection of past due rents, HOA dues with lien notices to third party vendor
    • Collection Partner with National company with 50% to owner
    • Construction project bid solicitation and oversite of work
    • Maintenance and repairs
    • Leasing of vacant apartment homes as one time rental
  • Property Management

    Physical Property Issues

    In order to keep our clients’ properties clean, safe, and attractive, Action Management provides recurring property inspections and reports to our clients via mail and/or email. Depending on your needs, we provide additional services tailored specifically to your property.

    After understanding your goals and objectives, we create a targeted plan for your specific property. We go above and beyond our clients’ expectations to create a long-term relationship, and are proud to offer them the best customer service possible. By maximizing our clients’ return on investment, they have found that doing business with us is both profitable and enjoyable. Our effectiveness in creating real-world results is the basis for our success, which translates into more profit and satisfaction for our clients.

    Tenant Relations

    Our commitment to keeping residents happy starts with our hands-on involvement at every level. Our proactive attitude fosters a positive relationship with residents during property inspections, while also furthering the relationship between tenant and landlord. We quickly respond to residents’ requests, and are always willing to meet onsite or talk over the phone regarding any questions they might have. Tenant can reach us 24/7 for any urgent maintenance issues that might arise, and our offices are open six days a week.

    Tenant Retention and Marketing

    When working in a competitive environment such as this, securing new residents involves a lot more effort than simply responding to information requests. A concerted effort must be made for prospective residents to be attracted to a property, which requires strict attention to detail and a quick response time. As such, the Action Management team has been built around a group of individuals who can parlay their experience into quickly filling any vacancies.

    Tenant Showings

    Using up-to-date information and active participation with the owner, Action Management accomplishes your leasing and renting goals by actively marketing vacant units to prospective residents.

    Tenant Move-In

    In order to have residents move into their new home as quickly as possible, we are actively involved in the moving process. After obtaining approval from the client, we manage and oversee any construction and remodeling that is needed. In order to maximize our clients’ profits, our goal is to have units ready to move in within seven days of turnover.

    Leasing and Advertising

    Action Management coordinates all of our clients’ leasing needs when vacancies arise. Within 24 hours of receiving a move-out notice, we install highly visible, professional quality “For Rent”/”For Lease” signs. We then write an accurate and up-to-date description of the unit, and take professional-quality photos to include in the listing. AppFolio, our property management software solution, allows us to quickly advertise vacancies online, posting to our website, and hundreds of other listing sites. Applicants can also apply right from their smartphones.

    Having been in the same office location for 15 years, our business gets heavy foot traffic from interested parties. Our office is open six days a week, giving prospective residents flexibility in viewing their desired unit. Over the last four years, we have proudly achieved an occupancy rate of nearly 97%. We only lease to financially stable residents, and perform a strict and thorough background check. We verify employment, investigate their rental history, and check all referrals.

    Vendor Services

    In order to provide cost-effective maintenance and tenant services to each property, Action Management retains a network of professional vendors. We closely monitor and inspect all vendor work, and request multiple bids on jobs over $1,000. We hold high standards for our company, and expect the same quality of service from each of our vendors.

    Owner Communication

    Action Management is a firm believer in direct communication with our clients. We send financial statements to clients on the first of the month, along with the most recent property inspection reports. In order to add value to your portfolio and increase your success, we keep you abreast of any vacancies, delinquencies, and maintenance issues. Due to the ever-changing nature of the real estate business, we also counsel you on new legislation, governmental laws, and industry guidelines so that you are immediately made aware of any changes that might affect your bottom line.

    Operation and Maintenance

    To ensure strict direction and job completion on every unit, Action Management’s professional property managers inspect each vacancy before and after work is completed. Following each property inspection, we provide owners with written reports, pictures, and recommendations for improvement. We adhere to each client’s set spending limits, and if the estimate is greater than their budget allows, we discuss options with them before moving forward.

  • Financial & Accounting Services

    Financial Reporting

    To provide you with timely and accurate reports, our accounting team utilizes the most up-to-date accounting and information software on the market. Our system saves you time, minimizes your costs, and increases your productivity. We follow a strict schedule and timeline for our reports, and guarantee to send you all financials on the first of every month. Because of our high standards and comprehensive practices, you are provided with reliable and consistent records you can count on.

    Using AppFolio's award-winning web-based property management software, our accounting team accurately manages each property with the highest level of service. Our state-of-the-art software creates incredibly efficient reports, which in turn allows us to share many of these benefits with our clients. Using unique software features that cater to the modern renter—such as online applications, rent payments, and resident portals—we are able to attract first-class, long-term residents. Our system provides many great benefits, with easy online access to owner statements, important reports, and electronic deposits for owner payments. Our investment in technology is the key to our accounting success, because it allows us to run the most efficient business possible.


    To reduce tenant delinquency, Action Management makes diligent collection efforts with residents to create solutions for their financial problems. Delinquencies are a serious issue with landlords, and we pursue these accounts aggressively to eliminate past due collections. 3-day notices are served on the sixth day of every month; if no deal can be reached with the tenant, eviction proceedings are pursued. Real Estate attorneys are retained to monitor the finances of the delinquent tenant, providing feedback to the owner to determine if eviction is the only option. If required, Action Management works with collection agencies to recoup the money owed from delinquent residents.

  • HOA

    Action Management provides the highest level of service to Homeowners Associations. Our team has the experience and mindset needed to institute the policies and procedures necessary to create economical solutions for the community, while also adapting to the specific needs of the association.

    By communicating directly with the board of directors, Action Management instills a cooperative effort that ensures success for the association, the properties involved, and the people who live there. In creating a mutually beneficial relationship, the association’s goals and objectives are met and a long-term foundation of success is established.

    Many companies can provide standard management duties, such as assessment collection, invoice payment, and the compiling of accurate financial statements on a timely basis. Action Management takes on additional challenges, and goes above and beyond the typical management company. We promptly handle any maintenance issues that might arise, and work to save the association money by providing periodic checks on services such as phone entry systems, trash collection, and janitorial services. Additional services include:

    • Forming and guiding the affairs of the association
    • Providing 3rd party neutrality in the decision making process
    • Foreseeing and suggesting solutions for administrative and structural problems
    • Answering quickly to valid homeowner issues on common areas
    • Maintaining excellent communication with the Board

    Action Management has managed all types of community associations for over 30 years, and has the experience and skills necessary to provide HOA’s with a much more diversified range of services than the typical management company.

  • Due Diligence

    Due diligence is necessary when buying a new property, and Action Management provides investors with complimentary property consultation. Our detailed due diligence process include extensive physical/preparation analysis in order to gather all the necessary data. After inspecting the property and fully inspecting each unit, we make recommendations to the client and work with them to develop a plan for their investment that supports the ultimate decision of whether to purchase the property.

    By quantifying the facts about the property, the due diligence process fully integrates the knowledge of the property into the client’s financial and business decisions surrounding the investment.

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